Our Corporate Symbol

The king of beasts. While the male lion represents courage, power and strength, the female lion represents the Great Mother and protection, a quality long recognized in the line “just as a mother lion protects her cubs, you can protect your children with an insurance policy from Mutual of Omaha.” In ancient Greece, lions represented the ultimate protectors of hearth and home.

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Digital logos

Logo Usage

We’re aware of the power of our corporate symbol and diligently monitor its usage. We adhere to strict standards to ensure our logo is applied appropriately and consistently.

Horizontal Logo

(preferred presentation)

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Blue (PMS 654) (preferred color)

Mutual of Omaha Insurance

Positive (black)

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company

Reverse (white)

Stacked Logo

(use when space is limited)

Blue (PMS 654)

Positive (black)

Reverse (white)

Common Mistakes

Reversing the Logo

There is a major difference between our “Positive” and “Reverse” logos. Each one is unique and simply reversing one for the other will cause the face and outer rule to be presented incorrectly. Never reverse the color of the Primary logo. Instead, use the specially designed Reverse logo.

  • Do use the Reversed logo on dark backgrounds
  • Don't reverse the positive logo to use on dark backgrounds

Logo Modifications

The lion symbol and type should not be modified in any way.

  • Don't distort the symbol. Always scale the logo proportionately.
  • Don't modify or change the type.
  • Don't change the color. The logo should only be used in the colors listed above.
  • Don't separate the lion symbol from the type. (The symbol can be used as a watermark, under certain circumstances; refer to the print guidelines .)
  • Don't allow the lion symbol's face to be darker than the background. This generally occurs when the incorrect positive or reverse logo is used.
  • Never place the logo on a red, pink or orange background.


“Mutual-space” is the minimum protected space requirement around the Mutual of Omaha Logo. When possible the following illustrations should be used as a visual guide for achieving the proportionate minimum safe distance when placing the logo.

Request Logos and Brand Approval

Please submit a request for a member of the brand team to review your tactic and ensure it's on target with brand elements, or if you need help a logo request or logo swap.

For other questions or requests, please contact:

Misty Silva
Manager Creative Services