Color Guidelines

Primary Color
Pantone 300
CMYK 94/63/6/0

Supporting Color
Pantone 654
CMYK 100/86/26/12

Text Gray
Black 90%
CMYK 0/0/0/90

Background Gray
12% Gray
CMYK 0/0/0/12


Color Palette

The way we use color helps to set us apart from the competition. Our color palette consists of a primary color, supporting color, neutrals and accent colors.

Color Use

Our strategic and proportionate use of color is intended to bring a focus on the content and photography used in our materials.

Primary Color

The most prominent color in our materials is Mutual of Omaha blue (#105FA8/PMS 300), which is used to convey the strength of our brand.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors play a supporting role. While white is our preferred background color, gray also may be used.

White Space

We use white space intentionally to portray a feeling of approachability and straightforwardness in our materials.

Other Colors

Other colors are added through the use of illustrations and photography.

Web and Email Color Use

To ensure a quality experience for users with disabilities, we have additional rules regarding color use on our digital properties. See our email color guidelines and our digital color guidelines for more information.