Request a Component

Components are how the Dynamic Landing Page framework functions. Having a wide array of Components to work with and choose from is our goal, but sometimes the perfect component doesn't exist. There are things that a user can try to do to get around some of the limitations like paring two components together to give the illusion of a 'new' component, however this may not always work.

Below is a flow sheet of how to determine component strategy. If you have a new component or pattern you'd like to work through, this is the starting point. If there are questions please reach out to the design team, and we will make sure you're on the right path!

View a DLP Decision Tree (PDF) if the above rendering doesn't fit well on your device.

If you have worked through this flow chart and still aren't certain what the appropriate move is, Please reach out! The digital design team, Jarvis or Carl Weather Experience can help guide your decision making process.