A footer is the last section of a page. It offers additional navigation for users and houses important legal and compliance information.



1 Copyright

2 Links to privacy policy, terms of use, and digital accessibility stance

Compliance or legal may require:

3 Form number (Aprimo)

4 Disclosure information (inside or outside a toggle)

Optional based on site need:

5 Links to other relevant sites (see “link” documentation)

6 Social icons (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn)

Ilustration to explain the required items in the footer.

Footer templates

Basic footer

Full footer



Websites should have a footer at the bottom of each page to let users know they have reached end of the content.

Application use

When the footer is used with applications, you do have the option to do a full width navigation modifier. This allows the content to expand beyond the recommended 1600px mark. Without the modifier the gray footer style will expand full width, but the content maxed out at 1600px. This is only for use with applications, do not use on marketing sites or in conjunction with hero image components. Do not mix and match full width and max width 1600 components. Must match the corporate nav, section nav and site title and nav if present. .Footer--full

Mobile applications

Mobile applications should not have a footer.

The copyright and disclosure information should be located in the application’s menu or on a single page within the application. It’s recommended that the privacy policy, terms of use, and digital accessibility stance be linked to from the application’s menu.

Footer content

Footer content can be customized for each website based on user need and legal or compliance requirements. The footer should remain consistent across an entire site, although the disclosure information and form number may change page to page as needed.

Helpful hints

checkmark Disclosures can be displayed inside or outside a toggle.
checkmark On page load, the disclosure toggle can be displayed either open or closed. State requirements vary.
Ilustration to help you visualize the footer.