Design Principles

Walk in the user’s shoes

  • Design for the problem. Don’t jump to a solution before understanding the user’s needs.
  • Make it human. Design for people, not the system.
  • Set aside assumptions. Make decisions based on research.

Nail the basics

  • Keep it clean. Develop experiences that are visually simple and functionally strong.
  • Create clear paths. Give users what they need when they need it.
  • Make the complex simple. Provide relevant and intuitive interactions.

Sweat the details

  • Craft frictionless interactions. Ensure errors are impossible and actions are reversible.
  • Do the common uncommonly well. Make even mundane tasks delightful.
  • Don’t stop with good enough. Finesse details to deliver the best possible experience.

Stay true to the brand

  • Build trust. Keep interactions honest and transparent.
  • Inspire confidence. Create actions that are intuitive and consistent.
  • Provide support & guidance. Give users options but don’t overwhelm them.